You Need to Act Fast Before They Can
Legally Steal Your Money!

If you’ve been sued by a creditor, the first thing you should know is, "DON'T PRESS THE PANIC BUTTON" and definitely don’t contact the creditor or their attorney. You could say or do the wrong thing and make matters worse for yourself and could potentially allow the creditor to win the lawsuit, which is something you probably want to avoid.

If you’ve been sued, in most states, You Only Have 20-30 Days To Respond. If you don’t properly respond or don’t respond at all the creditor could win a judgment against you and the Creditor Could Garnish Your Pay Check & Banking Accounts until the debt is paid. This is one of the many reasons why You Need Immediate Legal Help From Professionals who know how to handle debt related lawsuits and can help Protect You, Your Rights, & Your Money From Creditor's Legal Attacks.  

At OSS, we have a national network of attorneys that specialize in debt related lawsuits and can help you Properly Respond & Defend Yourself Against Creditor’s Lawsuit and possibly help you get your case dismissed from the courts or to get you enough time to negotiate a reduced pay-off or payment program on the debt. We can help you put the ball back into your court.

Our network of attorneys has helped thousands defend themselves against Creditor Lawsuits and they can help you too at a fraction of the cost that most inexperienced attorneys would charge you.