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At the One Stop Shop for Credit & Debt Relief (OSS) we have a team of debt relief experts that can help you eliminate your debts in the shortest time possible while saving the most off your debts. Our team of professionals have been helping debt ridden consumers for years, many of our experts come from the credit and collection industry so they have first-hand inside experience in dealing with creditors and harassing debt collectors. All of this Inside Knowledge is used to help protect your rights and to help you eliminate your debts as quickly as possible.

At the One Stop Shop we understand that everyone has a unique set of circumstances they are trying to deal with and your financial, credit, and debt situation are different for everyone else. That is why it is our Goal at OSS to listen to your situation and to develop a debt elimination program based on your specific set of circumstances, needs and goals to help you Quickly Get Out Of Debt While SAVING You As Much Money As Possible in the process.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no “One Size Fits All” debt elimination system/strategy. In fact, there are several different strategies that can help you eliminate your burdensome debts and get you back on your financial feet.

Imagine being able to Cut Your Monthly Debt Payments In Half, Pay-Off Your Debts For A Small Fraction Of What You Owe - Saving You Thousands off your debts; all while greatly reducing the time it takes to pay off your debts. We Can Help You!

At OSS we offer several different debt relief programs and strategies that are tailored to your specific needs and unique set of circumstances. Many of our services are available in all 50 States, so no matter what your debt issues are, whether they are credit card debts, mortgage issues, tax problems, business or personal debt, we have a solution that will help you.

Some of the many services we offer are:


Whatever your financial or debt problems are, our debt elimination experts can help to tailor a program that will help you get out of debt in the shortest period of time, while saving you the most money off your debts and being a One Stop Shop for Credit & Debt Relief, we can also help you get your finances and personal credit back on track.

Contact one of our knowledgeable credit and debt relief experts today to receive a FREE Confidential Consultation to discuss your situation and get some valuable insight on the various options available that can help you with your debts and save you the most money possible.