If your credit scores are less than 700, chances are your credit reports contain negative/inaccurate or unverifiable information that can be dropping your credit scores. But you’re not alone, in fact statistics show that 4 Out Of 5 Credit Reports contain some type of errors. These negative items and errors could be costing you thousands of dollars over the course of time through higher interest rates and fees.

As a consumer, you have a right to dispute ay negative items/errors on your credit reports, but if you try, the Credit Bureaus & Creditors do everything they possibly can to try to prevent you from fully pursuing your disputes. The reason credit bureaus do this is for one simple fact, The Lower Your Credit Scores Are – The More Money The Credit Bureaus Make! This is the Sad Truth of why credit bureaus do everything in their power to throw you off their. The Credit Bureaus & Creditors Are NOT On Your Side. 

Lucky for you there is an honest, ethical company that is on your side and is committed in helping you Improve Your Credit Scores & Save Money,  and get back on your financial feet; this company is the One Stop Shop for Credit & Debt Relief (OSS).

At OSS, we have a team of credit improvement experts that are knowledgeable in the various laws that creditors and credit bureaus have to adhere to such as the Fair Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) & the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA). We use this inside knowledge and certain sections of these laws to help you challenge and force the credit bureaus and creditors to Permanently Delete Negative Items & Errors From Your Credit Reports.

Our team of credit specialists have developed a proprietary system called the “Credit Maintenance Blueprint” that is designed to help you Quickly Improve Your Credit Scores and to maintain your great credit once you achieve it, for life. This program was developed from over 20 years experience obtained by working with creditors, credit bureaus and helping countless individuals and their families to improve their credit scores and their financial lives. This proprietary Credit Boosting System designed to help you “Permanently Delete Negative Items & Errors" from your credit reports and Quickly Boost Your Credit Scores Within A Few Short Months! 

Good Credit Is Vitally Essential in today's economy and society, whether you are buying a car or simply trying to obtain insurance, most companies will pull a credit report to determine whether you are approved for a loan and what rates you will pay.

Our Credit Experts are committed to helping you clean up and improve your credit scores so you can Get The Great Credit You Deserve!